Funny: Family Guy Presents: Laugh It Up, Fuzzball

  • The Take That at Seth Green during "It's a Trap":
    Carter/Emperor: (...) Seth Green gets under my skin.
    Chris/Luke: Huh?
    Carter/Emperor: Yeah. Boy, that guy rubs me the wrong way. I mean, has he ever made anything successful? Greg the Bunny, Four Kings, and that godawful puppet show. It's on, like, channel 100 or something.
    Chris/Luke: Well, I think he's had some successes. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was successful.
    Carter/Emperor: It was not popular. Entertainment Weekly said it was popular, but it wasn't. Hardly anybody watched that show.
    Stewie/Vader: Yeah, I never caught it.
    Chris/Luke: Well, he's been in some big movies. The Austin Powers movies grossed, like, a billion dollars.
    Carter/Emperor: What, because of Seth Green? Do you ever hear anyone say, "Hey, lets go see that new Austin Powers, Seth's Green's in it"?
    Chris/Luke: You're not getting to me, man. You're talking about an actor who I happen to enjoy.
    Carter/Emperor: Well, I certainly enjoyed him in Entourage, 'cause in that show he was playing himself, an asshole.
    • Then later:
    Stewie/Vader: Give yourself to the dark side, Luke.
    Chris/Luke: I will not fight you.
    Stewie/Vader: Well, all right. I guess that's no problem. I can always get Seth Green to fight me. He'll do anything for money. I mean, did you see Sex Drive? Oh, of course you didn't. You're a person. Of course, I guess it did respectable foreign numbers. Asians really liked it. And you gotta hand it to Seth Green. I mean, he works hard, you know? I mean, the work is much harder when you know the project is no good. Still, all those small paychecks must add up. I wonder if his fan base knows how Jewish he really is.
  • "Don't get penisy!"
  • From "It's a Trap", after Chris/Luke sees Lois/Leia in her slave outfit:
    Lois/Leia: I didn't get raped, okay?
    Chris/Luke: Okay.
    Lois/Leia: (angrily) OKAY?!
    Chris/Luke: Okay!
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