Funny: Extras

  • David Bowie singing to Andy about his show.
  • Ross Kemp and "Super. Army. Soldiers."
  • Diana Rigg making Daniel Radcliffe squirm, whilst schooling him on the proper way to request for the errant condom he flicked at her head.
  • "Men have nobs. Women have fannies. Pop nob in the fanny."
  • Patrick Stewart: "I've seen everything."
  • Andy's putdown to Ben Stiller after being humiliated for sticking up for a little kid;
    • "Who am I?" "S'either Starsky or Hutch, I can never remember."
    • And "Make Dodgeball 2"
  • Anytime Orlando Bloom mentions Johnny Depp his passive-aggression gets the better of him.
    "Willy Wonka? Johhny Wanker!"
  • "Were you masturbating when I came in?"
  • "(The wife is) Gone! I was living a lie and she knew it. Now, I'm able to enjoy some serious cock guilt-free. Yummy-yummy-yummy-yummy!"
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