Funny / Europa Universalis


  • Via a glitch, you can conquer the nation of Holstein and make them release ... the country of Holstein in a neighbouring province. If you're lucky, you get this spectacular piece of nonsense: Holstein has declared war on Holstein in the Holstenian reconquest of Holstein. Alas, this was fixed in a patch.
  • Another thing that can happen is for a nation that you haven't met to declare war on you as a result of alliances. Imagine playing as, say Russia and out of nowhere:
    • This is actually realistic. Due to the way Europe expanded its influence over Africa, African kingdoms could find themselves as enemies of countries they never heard of due to those two countries being at war in Europe, and because African kingdoms were seen as protectorates of European powers.
    • Even better is that frequently these nations will contribute nothing to the war, usually because they don't have any boats, and simply spam you with comically large demands to get them out of the war.
  • Sometimes, in a bout of Artificial Stupidity, an AI ally of a vassal's army will do an annoying action known as "standing on your face" in which you'll have your army sitting in a province beneath the supply limit, but they tip you over so the combined armies take loads of attrition. Or more accurately, their troops will wither away to nothing while yours are fine.
  • The "Comet Sighting" event. Say "hi" to your -1 stability!
    It's an omen.
    The end is nigh!
    Ignore the peasant rabble.
    Stop looking at the sky!
  • When two nations with no armies declare war on each other, causing said "war" to last until one of them gets a retinue.
  • The concept of "Hands-Off" games, where you play as passively as possible and let the AI do its' work. For example, one particular After Action Report on the Paradox boards has Sibir as Holy Roman Emperor, Etruria conquering Italy, a Denmark that is based in Spain, and Byzantium ruling over the entire Middle East.
  • A mission one can get as Japan involves conquering an African province where a Japanese artist is rumored to have fled too after creating a picture book chronicling the history of a school for Samurai. The province's name? Manga.