Awesome: Europa Universalis

In general
  • The fact that, after a shy and near-abortive start with the first game, the second Europa Universalis not only helped Paradox Interactive become the studio they are today, but helped bring Grand Strategy computer games into the mainstream. The sister series - Crusader Kings, Victoria, Hearts of Iron - have only helped cement this over the years. If you were to claim in the late 1990s or early 2000s that a small Swedish studio would popularise this particular genre/concept of strategy gaming and become a big name European developer and publisher by the 2010s, you'd probably be laughed off. So, definitely an Awesome Moment for the entire dev team and company, after years of hard work and steadily growing success.

  • Successfully westernizing and becoming a modern nation, particularly if you have a heavy tech penalty (like an African or Asian country). Now you're on equal footing with the once-terrifying Europeans, and if you want some payback on your would-be conquerors, now you have a chance!

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