Funny / Edward Scissorhands

  • Peg's efforts to use Avon products to hide Edward's scars. Most notably the "hint of lavender" that turns his face purple.
  • Virtually every line delivered by Bill Boggs. His chirpy "Hey Edward, where are you going?" near the film's climax sends this Troper into fits every time!
  • Edward casually mentioning over dinner how Joyce attempted to seduce him. The entire family (save for Bill) does a double-take.
    "We looked at where the salon is going to be. There's a place where you can have a make-up stand. And then she showed me the back room, where she took all her clothes off."
    • Made funnier by Bill not even noticing and continuing to ramble on about the pleasures of owning your own business.
  • The Barbeque scene especially the Shis kebob scene.
    Bill: -checking the kebob- Ok Soup's on!!!
    Edward: -mouth full- I thought it was Shish Kebob.
  • The old inventor's attempts to teach Edward social etiquette being foiled by how dull it is, the inventor seemingly agreeing with an "Mmm, yes - bor-ing." before the two delve into some poetry.
  • Edward has a bit of trouble adjusting to Kim's water bed.
  • After the hair-cutting scene, one woman spends the rest of the movie with her hair in a rectangular shape.
  • The show and tell scene, especially when Edward briefly does an Ass Kicking Pose with his hands.