Trivia / Edward Scissorhands

  • Enforced Method Acting: Being rather frail of health at this point, Vincent Price fainted under the hot studio lights in the scene where he dies. Tim Burton reportedly kept the shot of him on the floor in the final movie.
  • Fan Nickname: The Signature Scene where Edward makes an ice sculpture and Kim dances in the "snow" he makes is frequently referred to as "the ice dance."
  • Playing Against Type: Johnny Depp — then best known for 21 Jump Street — as Edward, and the usually nerdy Anthony Michael Hall as Jim. (Of course, Depp's continued close involvement with Burton eventually made him famous for eccentric loner roles!)
    • Ditto for Winona Ryder. Before this she had mostly played dark and moody teenagers in Heathers, Mermaids, and Beetlejuice, while Kim is more of a Girl Next Door.
  • Truth in Television: The subdivision wasn't a set built for the film. It's a real subdivision that was repainted shortly after construction and used in the film. It was "restored" after the film and is a normal subdivision named Carpenter's Run in central Florida now, sans castle, of course. It's pretty typical of the sort of bland, repetitive, carbon-copy, subdivisions that sprung up in the housing boom in Florida from when the film was made until the early 2000s. It's exactly why Tim Burton chose it to represent the kind of bland, repetitive, carbon-copy, Anytown, USA stereotype.
  • What Could Have Been: Tom Cruise was offered the role of Edward, but he turned it down because he thought the role was too feminine.
    • Vincent Price was supposed to have a much larger role in the film, but his health was too frail (he died in 1993, making this his last work on the big screen).
    • Rumor has it that Jim Carrey wanted the role of Edward badly — so much that he auditioned more than once.
  • Write What You Know: The hill on which Edward's gothic mansion sits is based on California Institute of The Arts, Tim Burton's alma matter. The campus for the Institute is on a hill in Valencia, looking down on a clean-cut suburban town.