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Funny: Double Dare (1986)
Besides the obvious fun of watching people getting slimed, pied, and otherwise Covered in Gunge, there are some gems here.
  • 1986: This exchange on the first taped episode:
    Contestant: We'll take the physical chair.
    Marc: All righty—Physical chair? Which is similar to the physical challenge.
  • 1987: Marc accidentally asks a male audience member if he had a boyfriend.
  • 1988: The "Salute to Hollywood Squares" episode, which not everyone thinks was that funny, had a very infamous Physical Challenge. There's a reason this was the only time it was used.
  • 1988: Andrea, aged two, gives an unexpected answer to Marc's question.
    Marc: This is Andrea, and I did a personal appearance in New Hampshire and you came on stage with me, didn't you? (Andrea nods) And now you came to Philadelphia to see us, huh?
    Andrea: Yeah.
    Marc: And what's your favourite show on TV?
    Andrea: Finders Keepers.
  • On a different episode, a boat kept on appearing at different points throughout the show. Marc was unable to control himself any time it was around.
  • 1989: Marc Vs. Harvey. One particular moment stands out while Jm J. Bullock describes the Thar She Blows! obstacle:
    Jm J. Bullock: And you're gonna try to punch one of those valves. A fag's gonna sp- (laughs) A mean a flag's gonna spew out.
    Marc: You're coming out of there!
  • 1990: On an early Family Double Dare episode with the three-digit scoreboards, a team wins the game with $1,050 causing the display to show only "050".
  • 1990: After one family wins the obstacle course, the father picks up Marc and carries him into Lake Double Dare.
  • On two Family episodes, Marc had Robin demonstrate a messy obstacle and she proceeded to get him messy through the course descriptions.
  • The episode titles and descriptions on iTunes.

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