Funny: Double Dare (1986)

Besides the obvious fun of watching people getting slimed, pied, and otherwise Covered in Gunge, there are some gems here.
  • 1986: This exchange on the first taped episode:
    Contestant: We'll take the physical chair.
    Marc: All righty—Physical chair? Which is similar to the physical challenge.
  • 1987: Marc accidentally asks a male audience member if he had a boyfriend.
  • 1987: On a different episode, a boat kept on appearing at different points throughout the show. Marc was unable to control himself any time it was around. Also from this episode, Marc was spitting to the camera.
  • 1988: The "Salute to The Hollywood Squares" episode had a very infamous Physical Challenge. One player had to stomp "grapes" with rubber feet and collect the juice via a bucket attached to a helmet. Apparently the plastic walls weren't very sturdy and with about 5 seconds left on the clock, they burst out of the frame, soaking the kid in juice and making quite a mess. Marc, bursting with laughter, counts it as a win. There's a reason this was the only time it was used.
  • 1988: Andrea, aged two, gives an unexpected answer to Marc's question.
    Marc: This is Andrea, and I did a personal appearance in New Hampshire and you came on stage with me, didn't you? (Andrea nods) And now you came to Philadelphia to see us, huh?
    Andrea: Yeah.
    Marc: And what's your favourite show on TV?
    Andrea: Finders Keepers.
  • 1989: Marc Vs. Harvey. One particular moment stands out while Jim J. Bullock describes the Thar She Blows! obstacle:
    Jm J. Bullock: And you're gonna try to punch one of those valves. A fag's gonna sp- (laughs) A mean a flag's gonna spew out.
    Marc: You're coming out of there!
  • 1990: On an early Family Double Dare episode with the three-digit scoreboards, a team wins the game with $1,050 causing the display to show only "050".
  • 1990: After one family wins the obstacle course, the father picks up Marc and carries him into Lake Double Dare.
  • On two Family episodes, Marc had Robin demonstrate a messy obstacle and she proceeded to get him messy through the course descriptions.
  • The episode titles and descriptions on iTunes.
  • This exchange, which was highlighted by the Nostalgia Critic:
    Marc: In the movie "Encino Man," what actor played the caveman?
    Contestant: Pauly Shore?.
    Marc: No, it's not Pauly Shore. THIS person has talent. (The correct answer was Brendan Fraser)