Funny: Dorohedoro

  • After chasing off a pair of assassins in the image of his restaurant's metamorphs, En tells one of the wait staff to look for the real ones:
    En: If they're dead, use their bodies as substratum for the mushroom cultivation.
    Noi: Wait... Then even the mushrooms we ate were...
    En: Yes. I don't like to waste things.
    Noi and Shin vomit.
  • After killing a group of Cross Eyes for the first time in the series, Shin's gang go back to En's mansion with the head of the leader of that group, Ebisu... being Ebisu, wants to see the head.
    Noi: Okay, but don't pour this, he's still alive.
    'Ebisu vomits on the bag with the head.
    Noi: Ugh, she vomited into the bag!