Funny / Diamond Dallas Page

  • One of the gems (what few there were) that came out of Diamond Dallas Page's "Guru" gimmick in the WWE involved teaching Christian how to be more pleasant. It didn't work, to say the least.
  • Dallas and Scott Hall playing WWE2K14, especially when Dallas realises that he is not a playable character. Watch it here
    Hall: (smirking) You're gonna be DDP, huh?
    (Dallas starts scrolling through character selection)
    DDP: Did I pass it? There's three of you! Am I not in this fucking game, seriously! I was in the last one, how can I not be in this one? (drops the controller) I'm not playing this game.
    Hall: Come on, you can be Randy Orton, he has a cool finish
    DDP: (sulking) That's my finish, I can play Randy Orton.
  • Mick Foley's story about him and Stone Cold putting cookies in DDP's bed.