Heartwarming / Diamond Dallas Page

  • This video, where he and Jake the Snake Roberts reach out to Scott Hall.
    • On that same note, the fact that DDP has played a major role in helping Hall and Roberts clean up their lives. It's definitely a journey, not a destination, but DDP is dedicated to helping them, and all reports indicated that Roberts and Hall want to follow through. *Sniff*, 'Scuse me, I think I've got something in my eye…
    • And on another note, DDP being the one to officially induct Roberts into the WWE Hall of Fame.
    • Just... the work DDP did with Jake and Scott in its entirety. Absolutely no-one would dispute that he saved their lives when he reached out to them, took them into his home and helped them climb up from the absolute worst places of their lives, to a point where they were able to stand proud like the great men they were before. Both were human wrecks, but thanks to his intervention, both have not only lived to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame alongside their fellow legends, they're both still going strong. Among the IWC, Diamond Dallas Page is seen as nothing less than a saint for what he's done for those two beloved icons of the industry.
  • His Hall of Fame induction, which seemed to be an apology for his disastrous run during the InVasion Era. His speech itself was a combination of heartwarming, funny and tearjerker.