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Funny: Demonbane
  • On Al's route, she saves you from the Atlach Nacha, and gets a wad of Kurou's spooge to the face in the process. Her subsequent hissy fit must be seen to be believed.
  • Makoto's Psycho Lesbian Lolicon antics (usually Played for Laughs) straddle the line between hysterical and terrifying.
  • The Beach Episode is FULL of hysterical crap. To wit:
    • Doctor West's Epic Fail. Summons a Destroyer Machine from the sea so rusted it's useless on arrival. It's so pathetic even the Black Lodge Mooks turn away in shame, not even lifting a finger to help their boss after Kurou and Al, in the most deadpan reaction ever, calmly decide to beat the shit out of him.
    • Ruri manages to insult Kurou so badly while drunk he goes into a Heroic BSOD. At the same time, Ruri proves to be so damn scary when she's drunk even Winfield begs everyone to do whatever she says.
    • Al eating crab looks about eighty shades of wrong given how the art style makes the crab meat look extremely freudian.
    • Kurou gets Dragged into Drag and proves such an Attractive Bent-Gender Doctor West gets turned on. What gets even funnier is that before it's all over, everyone joined in making Kurou pretty, and Elsa's reaction to Kurou being prettied up is LOL worthy.
    • Leica, ordinarily the morally upright person, doing a striptease. To be fair, she was drunk at the time.
    • Kurou's (rather understandable} WTF reaction to Nya giving him a handjob.
  • In Ruri's route; Kuro prepares to summon Demonbane...only to find out that the teleporter is broken; thus making it impossible for him to directly summon it.

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