YMMV / Demonbane

  • Captain Obvious Reveal: Three guesses as to who Metatron is, and the first two don't count.
  • Common Knowledge
    • Ask most mecha fans about God-Mode Demonbane and they will tell you that it grows so gigantic it pops universes by brushing against them and can summon infinite copies of itself. This is actually not quite accurate: those are two different versions of Demonbane that often get blended together by people who have only heard of the series. War God Demonbane from the prequel novels does out-grow the universe it starts out it and moves through multiple other universes as it battles Liber Legis, but it doesn't summon copies of itself. Elder God Demonbane from the sequel game does summon infinite copies of itself but remains at the same size as regular Demonbane (though it is heavily implied that it could alter its size if it really wanted to).
    • Some people will also claim that Demonbane kills Cthulhu or some of the Outer Gods. Actually, Cthulhu is never defeated by Demonbane in the story (Cthulhu dies due to being a pawn in games of other, greater powers), and the Outer Gods barely make any appearances, and the only one Demonbane directly battles is Nyarlathotep... and it is implied that even it cannot kill that one permanently.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Tiberius is a sickening Serial Killer and Necromancer that even many of his comrades loathe. Tiberius is introduced as an undead Monster Clown who wants 'alone' time with the young heir of the heroic Hadou family Ruri. Once he catches her, Tiberius wastes no time molesting and trying to rape her. When his organization Anticross makes its move, the people of the city are placed in refugee shelters. Tiberius attacks one shelter and take his time slaughtering or violating every living thing, regardless of age, before he moves on to another shelter to attempt the same. when he catches Ruri, he uses her as a Human Shield in his fight with The Hero Kuro Daijuji and wastes no time in trying to rape her and other youthful females he finds during the fighting.
    • Vespasianus is the Mad Scientist of Anticross who masterminded the C Project, where orphans were taken and raised for his experiments, so he could transform them into superpowered servants for the Black Lodge. One of them tried to escape, which resulted in Vespasianus subduing him and turning him forcibly into the Black Angel Sandalphon. In present, Vespasianus presides over experiments with the Deep Ones where he has them 'breed' with human women and later sacrifices the lot of them before achieving the summoning of the God Dagon, which he knows will wreak havoc. Vespasianius later helps fellow Anticross member Augustus participate in the overthrow of their master Therion with the other 4 so he and Augustus can bind Cthulhu itself to their will. He has Cthulhu violate their captive Nero and later tries to usurp Augustus as well, driven by nothing but a drive to satisfy his intellectual curiosity.
    • Nya, AKA Nyarlathotep is the true Big Bad of the whole setting, having setup all the events, allowing Anticross to cause so much pain and suffering, as well as their experiments and the bloodshed that resulted. Her cruelty is such that she attempts to create an Eldritch Location where a hero who opposed her is forced to relive his life over and over, coming close to seeing his true love again, but resetting before he could get to her. In the sequel, furious at her defeat, Nya pulls out all the stops to make Kurou and Al suffer, manipulating their future children and using Another Blood's grudge against her mother to convince her to try and kill Al, all the while having full intention of abandoning the children to oblivion as soon as she got what she wanted. Nya's ultimate goal is to release Azathoth and the other outer gods to consume everything, relishing in nothing more than humanity's suffering.
  • Crazy Awesome: Doctor West, in spades.
  • Creepy Cute: Dunsany the Shoggoth. Blob Monster? Check. Tentacles? Check. Summoned from beyond human knowledge? Check. Adorable regardless? Check.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Haganeya admitted on his Twitter that his first use of the name "Demonbane" was naming his Grungust when playing Super Robot Wars 4 as a kid. Demonbane made its first cross-over appearance in Super Robot Wars UX.
    Man, I can't even begin to imagine what expression I'd have had if I'd heard about this when I was a kid.
    • The fact that it takes place primarily in a city called Arkham City.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Nya, with a healthy dose of Evil Is Sexy. Or, more properly, Eldritch Abomination Is Sexy. Seriously, Nyaralathotep looks HOT as a woman, even if she is the one who manipulated the whole damned plot.
  • Memetic Badass: Demonbane, especially Elder God Demonbane, is the end-all for powerlevel arguments. Flash? There's a universe where Demonbane's faster. Accelerator? There's a universe where Demonbane reflects the reflections of vectors. There's a Demonbane the size of two universes, a Demonbane that knows how the fuck King Crimson works, maybe even one that can defeat the Grimace.
  • Moe: In and around the series: just look at Al whenever Kurou transforms into a Magius.