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Hey there, La-Mulanites! Let's find out what DeceasedCrab's funniest moments are! Huzzah!

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  • DC's normal stream of consciousness humor turns into a torrent of madness. A cake with nutmeg written in blood. Not a cake with blood written on it with nutmeg. He made that very clear multiple times. Even he gets unsettled by it as the tirade ends.
  • When Mulbruk starts talking about her father's past and mentions him working with cloth. DC gets really, really quiet all of a sudden, and mutters "No". Three guesses what was going through his brain right then.
  • "I'm DeceasedCrab! Let's play La Mulana! Let's go back to Hell Temp—oh, not Hell Temple..." Yep, he's doing it again, with friends along to laugh at his misfortune. The highlight of the first video is at about six and a half minutes in, but it's all gold.
  • Opening the way to Hell Temple, he slowly loses his sanity.
    DC: Eleven... Twelve... The death of all things... Fourteen... Blood blood blood...
  • Every time something crushes him. Must be the Stunned Silence.
  • The last quarter of Part 72 has him undergo a breakdown upon discovering that Hell Temple now has shortcuts to and from the first room. Yes, after all the unfair traps from the previous parts, an Anti-Frustration Feature is the final straw for his sanity.
  • His encounter with the remake's bridge. There are no words.
  • Part 6, MadamLuna tricks him into activating hard mode. Pretty decent revenge for Shadowgate.



    Rockin' Kats 


    Shadowgate (with Madamluna) 
  • DC and Madamluna's LP of Shadowgate, with Madamluna doing a blind run and DC acting as her navigator, has more than its share of hilarious moments:
    • Madamluna: Hey, now I can take the cloak.
      DeceasedCrab: You COULD... *waits until she takes it*'s CURSED!
      Madamluna: *loud gasp* IS IT!?!?
      DeceasedCrab: No.
    • Probably the best part is when DC's constant leading Madamluna into traps finally comes back to bite him in the ass.
      DeceasedCrab: Try going to the left.
      Madamluna: Okay. This little ro- *the player gets crushed by a falling ceiling.* ...what.
      DeceasedCrab: You forgot to check for traps. And you failed your saving throw.
      *several seconds of silence*
      DeceasedCrab: I'll just... hit that button there. *loads state* Uh... Madamluna's having a... vocal malfunction right now. She looks pretty angry, though.
      *a few more seconds of silence*
      DeceasedCrab: Like REALLY angry. Oka- *is cut off by Madamluna hitting him repeatedly*

    The Chzo Mythos 

    Other games 
  • Also, episode 20 of his Let's Play of Maze of Galious, in which he wakes up to find that the Maze of Galious logo has been replaced with La-Mulana 's and the sprites of protagonists Popolon and Aphrodite with those of Lemeza and Shorn. A nine-and-a-half-minute freakout, which can only be described as Hell Temple shellshock, ensues. He made the La-Mulana spritesheet, so his freakout was more or less fake. It was a rather convincing one, though.
  • One of DeceasedCrab's funniest moments was when he Let's Played Barbie and the Magic of hour after getting his wisdom teeth removed...while listening to Manowar. Did I mention that it wasn't a blind run? And he was still loopy from being doped up on painkillers?
    Deceathed Cwab angwy!
  • His going insane from Eversion leading into the epic slaughter-run of Iji is geting there. He's already ended up killing Iji at least twice, once in favour of a jet bike (ok, Jet Bike, but still!), and I have a feeling it's going to get worse from here.
  • Also the run-through of Wacky Races with his commentary on it's weird attacks, silly levels and baddies, and the part when he gets distracted by his cat.
  • "Hey DC, do you know what the best part about Arkanoid DS is?" "What?" "Gold blocks!" "GOLD BLOCKS!!"
  • The lava level from his LP of Aladdin on the Genesis.
    DeceasedCrab: *Loses his last life...for the second time* ...Next time on Let's play Aladdin, the search for MY PATIENCE! WHERE IS IT?! NOT HEEERE!
  • The. Jellyfish. Song.
  • DC and Madamluna doing an LP of Deadly Towers:
    DeceasedCrab: I'm DeceasedCrab!
    Madamluna: I'm Madamluna!
  • During DC's StarTropics LP, where he expresses a craving for coconut milk several times before getting some and trying it on-mic at the start of one episode. He finds it disgusting and spends the rest of the video trying to get the taste out of his mouth.
  • What happens when you put DC on painkillers, tear his gums apart and make him play a game involving careful manuvering? You get Minotaur in a China Shop.
    Deteethed Crab: All I wanthed to do ish shell my goosh and shervishes!
  • More dental troubles:
    Madamluna: "I'm Madamluna!"
    Deceased Crab: "And I'm Deceased Molars!"
  • Another round of dental work and painkillers results in... Hexagon!
  • After his first playthrough of Way, DC attempts to find another player. Holy Diver ensues.
    • This also provides the perfect lead-in for when he does get to play again in "Proof".
  • Because Deceased Crab prefers avoiding the use of cuss words in his videos, one might find his LP of Don't Shit Your Pants to be very funny.
  • DeceasedCrab and Madamluna intentionally screwing up the pronunciation of Death Adder's name all because of the intro calling him "Death equals Adder". They continue to flub his name throughout the Let's Play.
  • His reaction to beating the final boss of ''Kero Blaster'':
    You have died of dysentery! I mean, lasers!