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Funny: Death Becomes Her
  • The Now You Tell Me moment ("NOW a warning?!")
  • "My ass... I can see... my ASS!"
  • "You're a fraud, Helen! You're a walking lie, and I can see right through you!", which Madeline does, literally, through the hole in Helen's abdomen. Later, Madeline throws a shovel through Helen's hole, and shouts, "YES! NO! Oh, DAMN!"
  • Madeline reveling in killing Helen.
    Ernest: She's dead!
    Madeline: (mock gasp) She is? (gleeful) Oh. These are the moments that make life worth living.
    • Then:
    Ernest: Life in prison? Know what that means to a person in your condition?
    Madeline: So negative. (eyes glittering) Can't you just let me enjoy the moment?
  • (Helen rises from a pool with a huge, gaping hole in her chest)
    Helen: Look at me, Ernest! Just look at me! I'm SOAKING WET!
  • The Imagine Spot as Helen goes over her plan to kill Madeline: she pours alcohol all over Madeline's car and then dumps the bottles inside, revealing dozens of bottles and alcohol everywhere.
    Helen: We'll make it look like she's had just a little bit too much to drink...
  • Ernest returning to Helen's hospital room, only to find her missing:
    Ernest: Where did you put my wife?
    Doctor: (sympathetic) She's dead, sir. They took her to the morgue.
    Ernest: The morgue? She'll be FURIOUS!

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