YMMV: Death Becomes Her

  • Awesome Music: Alan Silvestri's wonderfully bitchy Gothic strings. Also the Stylistic Suck of Songbird!
  • Genius Bonus: Songbird! is based on Sweet Bird of Youth, which is about a White-Dwarf Starlet - just like Madeline.
  • Ham and Cheese: Everyone does show a tendency to ham it up, and it doesn't hurt the slightest.
    Helen: En Garde, bitch!
    Ernest: Can't you see? IT'S A MIRACLE!
  • He's Just Hiding: Apparently, Hollywood zombies do this after a while, like Greta Garbo and Jim Morrison.
  • Hollywood Homely: Helen in her early scenes.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Isabella Rosselini as Lisle has some of the most hysterical moments in the film, despite having the least screentime.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: The movie is about as subtle as a bull in a China shop when it comes to its Aesop about aging, but it's damned effective, too.
  • Theiss Titillation Theory: Lisle's necklace.
  • Troubled Production: No major catastrophes, but this movie was made back in the early 90's, when digital effects were still in their infancy. This means that they had to stage the scenes down to the smallest detail, and any slight unplanned movement would ruin a take, which had the effect of exhausting the actors. Later on, Meryl said that while she was proud of the movie and her work in it, never again would she do a movie so effects-heavy.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: It won an Academy Award. While some of the effects may seem a little hokey and rough now, at the time putting a backwards head on a woman and putting a hole right through another was a huge leap.