Nightmare Fuel / Death Becomes Her
"I have a hole in my stomach!"
Death Becomes Her is a Black Comedy with some extra emphasis on the "black", directed by Robert Zemeckis...though you'd be excused for thinking it was Tim Burton, given the film's content.

  • Many of the Amusing Injuries throughout the movie.
    • Madeline's shockingly violent fall down the staircase. Complete with a closeup of her neck snapping on one of the marble steps.
      • A moment later, Ernest is talking on the phone and we see Madeline's corpse staggering to its feet in the background, complete with neck twisted and broken. The background blurriness makes it incredibly creepy.
        Madeline: Ernest! You pushed me down the stairs.
      • Madeline trying to "fix" her broken neck, twisting it back into place with a sickening crunch.
    • Madeline blowing a massive hole in Helen's chest with a hunting rifle...and an incredibly pissed-off Helen rising up moments later from the bloody fountain she was blown into.
      Helen: That was totally uncalled for.
    • Helen hitting Madeline on the head with a shovel, crushing her head and neck completely backward. Not to mention the gurgling noises Helen makes afterward.
      Damn, I just fixed this.
    • At least the final cut of the film has the two women making themselves "presentable" in the aftermath of their feud. In the original script, Mad and Hel stand unseen in the doorway to Ernest's room, casting "horrible, misshapen shadows".
  • Helen's Stalker Shrine. Her vanity is covered with candles and mutilated photos of Madeline, defaced with red marker. And then we pan back, and see the words "NEVER AGAIN" written on the mirror in lipstick.
  • Goldie Hawn's glassy and literally-lifeless eyes after her death. Brrrrrr.
  • The concept of being forced to live for eternity in a body that has been dead for decades and is literally held together by bandages and spray paint is pretty horrific when you stop to think about it. Especially the state they are left in at the end of the film. They're stuck like that forever!
    • Though they seem more annoyed than horrified.
    • And how about the good folks that would soon be proceeding out of Ernest's funeral only to find two disfigured corpses on the steps of the church talking to each other?
    • Also, it's inevitable that each and every one of the people who have taken the potion will eventually get killed somehow and find themselves in Madeline and Helen's shoes. Ernest was right to refuse Lisle's potion.
    • Consider how far they can break up... What will be left of them in a century or so? Sentient dust?!
  • The eerily floating, crying nuns that pass Ernest as he makes his way to the morgue. The scene comes completely out of nowhere, and is never explained. Even in a movie full of Black Humor and Body Horror, it's oddly unsettling.
    • That scene was really creepy! They looked like ghosts!
  • One proposed ending for the film had Madeline and Helen stealing a car at Lisle's and chasing after Ernest, only to drive off a cliff and crash with a fiery explosion (just like in the staged "accident" Helen planned earlier in the film). Then Madeline and Helen would've emerged from the wreckage of the car as charred, smoldering skeletons. Yikes...