Fridge: Death Becomes Her

Fridge Brilliance:

  • Ernest becomes a great surgeon again because his right hand was affected by the serum, and he quit drinking.
  • At Ernest's funeral, we learn that not only did he gave up drinking, remarry, and father six children (while adopting many more), but he went on to found a marriage counseling center, a center for the study of women, and an Alcoholics Anonymous chapter. Ernest didn't just fix everything wrong in own life, he went out of his way to help others who were suffering from the same things he once did.
    • Not only that, but the "Center for the Study of Women" suggests that he was trying to help women understand themselves (and other women) better, so they could avoid falling into the same traps as Madeline and Helen.

Fridge Horror:

  • Take a step away from the comedy of the film and think about it, being forced to live in a body that is literally falling apart for the rest of eternity? No, not good...
  • Consider all of the ancient Egyptians who took the potion, they created it after all. Now consider all of the tales of shambling, groaning, moaning, angry mummies going about and killing people/or whatever and what their most likely inspiration in the movie's universe. Now we have an idea of what will be Mad and Hel's fate.