Funny / Dark Forces Saga

  • This moment during the opening cutscene of the first level.
    Kyle: Mon Mothma must be getting paraniod. She never used to send pros like us on blue milk run like this.
    (Mon Mothma's hologram comes online)
    Mon Mothma: Kyle, Jan greetings.
    Jan: Mon Mothma, Kyle was just talking about you.
    (Kyle looks at Jan)
  • When Kyle asks for information from a local bartender who doesn't speak good basic about how to reach a crime boss. The bartender ends up luring him into a trap, causing Kyle to say this.
    Kyle: Never trust a bartender with bad grammar...
  • Most of Kyle's Genre Savvy observations and snarkiness.
  • The protocol and astromech droids you can find on Bespin in Jedi Outcast have this to say when you rescue them:
    Protocol Droid: Thank the Maker, we're saved!
    Astromech Droid: (droidspeak)
    Protocol Droid: Fine, be that way.
  • Desann's death if he gets crushed by a collapsing pillar. His goofy death sounds make this way of defeating him even funnier.
  • From the Dietz-penned books, when a bounty hunter injured by a Moldy Crow fly over sees a pissed off Jan Ors with Guns Akimbo ready to retrieve a wounded Kyle, he decides that it's probably better to just play dead until they're both gone.