Funny / The Force Unleashed

The Force Unleashed
  • When Galen sees Juno for the first time, he does a Double Take, then pulls PROXY aside:
    Galen: PROXY!
    PROXY: Yes? Why are we whispering?
    Galen: (like an awkward schoolboy) Who is that?
    • In that cutscene, PROXY does a dead-on impersonation of both Juno's feminine walk and Starkiller's slouched posture, while both are unaware of him copying their movements.
  • Arguably, this exchange:
    PROXY: "I hate being him [Darth Vader]."
    Galen: "I think he does, too."
  • Galen's exchange with Leia after he rescues her on Kashyyyk. It's his tone that really sells it.
    Leia: Is there still an Imperial transport on the landing pad?
    Galen: Yes, but... [very quickly] I-think-the-pilot-might-be-dead.
  • Galen's initial look of shock when Juno gives him a Now or Never Kiss. He really is quite clueless about that stuff.
    • Considering who he was raised by...
  • The scene in the novel when Galen uses the Jedi Mind Trick to find out where the captured Rebel Leaders are in the Death Star. Cue him talking to Juno about it while the guard comes to his senses, realizing he's been tricked.
  • This is somewhat of a meta example, but on the first level of the game, you play as Darth Vader. If you kill 12 Stormtroopers (who you are leading in the assault), you get the following achievement; "Worst Day-Shift Manager Ever". It's also a Chad Vader reference, as Matt Sloan is the voice of Darth Vader.
  • In The Ultimate Sith Edition, Lord Starkiller Force-choking Captain Keenah.
    Captain Keenah: Um, My Lord. Scanners are indicating that the ice caverns through which you travel may be... A bit unstable. It seems that the vibrations of our walkers may be... partly to blame. It is possible that I... overlooked this when planning your infiltration route.
    Lord Starkiller: You've failed me for the last time, Captain Keenah.
    Captain Keenah: If that is the case, I assure you I take full- (choking sounds)
    Lieutenant Marsen: Sir, this is Lieutenant Marsen. I see that you've... relieved Captain Keenah from duty. I'll be acting as your liaison with the battle group.
  • Applies to both games, but using Force Lightning on a Jumptrooper (or Boba Fett in The Ultimate Sith Edition) will cause their jetpacks to malfunction and send them flying out of control.
  • Finding Jar Jar Binks frozen in carbonite in Ozzik Sturn's Trophy Room.
  • During the escape from The Empirical:
    Announcer: All escape pods have been jettisoned - empty. Uh, await further orders. (beat) What? What fool ordered that!?
  • When a Jawa is tossed straight up into the air, it doesn't come back down. Ever. Apparently, Starkiller is strong enough to toss one of them into orbit.

The Force Unleashed II
  • One of the achievements is called "Poor Bob", based roughly on this Penny Arcade strip
  • PROXY and Starkiller saying to each other "I thought you were dead!?" at the same time.
  • Princess Leia's databank page. A few of the others qualify, too.
  • From the novel, after Starkiller tries to justify why finding Juno is more important than helping the Rebel Alliance.
    Kota: You sound like a teacher I once had, and you make about as much sense as he did.
  • Boba Fett's database entry is the Empire's dossier on him. It notes that he would be of great use to the Empire, if he could only stop disintegrating everyone.
  • Also from the novel, Juno telling Princess Leia to watch out for the bad boys when looking for a date. A certain Lovable Rogue would like to disagree.
  • Starkiller seeing the Gorog for the first time and his conversation with Kota afterward.
    Starkiller (to Kota over the com): No time, general. What the hell is this thing?
    Kota: I have no idea. But it's big.
    Starkiller: That's perceptive, for a blind man —Now how do I kill it?!
  • Also with the Gorog, when Galen makes it to the end of the fight. The truly excellent voice acting in this game makes it work.
    Kota: This isn't working, we have to take this thing out of commission!
    Starkiller: Hahaha. HOW?
  • In a darkly comical way, Baron Tarko being eaten by the gorog.
  • If Starkiller uses the Jedi Mind Trick on stormtroopers, they'll either attack each other or commit suicide.
    Stormtrooper: I can't take this anymore! (jumps out the window)
    • Or, if they're told to betray their comrades, they'll say things like "Death to the Empire." in a hilariously stilted, deadpan voice.
  • Robot Chicken's hilarious commercial skit.
  • When Starkiller is guiding The Salvation to Colony Drop Kamino, as the ship starts burning up:
    Starkiller: I have a bad feeling about this!
  • When Starkiller makes it to the Arena and has a little chat with Kota, the Baron orders the Gorog released. The gate opens, Starkiller drops into a combat stance and out comes a Rancor. Starkiller immediately relaxes, even smiles a little "What, this is your impressive monster?" smile. And then the Rancor gets flattened by a massive hand and things get serious.
  • You can get the achievement "Valet" by smashing Vader's personal TIE fighter into an AT-MP on Cato Neimoidia.
  • During the initial attack on Kamino:
    Kota: (to Starkiller) I want you on the primary forward turbolaser. Whoever's firing down there couldn't hit a planet from low orbit.
  • The Guybrush Threepkiller costume.