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This Scene from The Dream Machine

Greenback: Oh, and one last thing, Penfold. Don't, whatever you do, say "rock". (disappears)

Penfold: "Rock"?

(a rock falls out of thin air and hits DM on the head; it sprouts legs and a mouth and runs off, laughing silently as DM turns to glare at Penfold)

Penfold: I don't get it, Danger Mouse, I only said "rock".

(a second rock falls out of thin air; DM tries to dodge it, only for it to stop in midair, sprout arms, and hit DM repeatedly over the head with a large sausage. Greenback can be heard laughing as Penfold gives the camera a surprised look)

DM: Look, Penfold, just don't say... R-O-C-K.

Penfold: R-O-C-K?

(steel-plated letters spelling ROCK appear one at a time, then a train whistle sounds as they trundle off screen... and then across the background... and then we hear four offscreen crashes as DM yelps in pain)

DM: (from under the pile of steel-plated letters) Penfold...

Penfold: Yes, sir?

DM: Have you got anything for a headache, Penfold?