Trivia: Danger Mouse

  • Edited for Syndication:
    • The following footage and dialogue from "Mechanised Mayhem" was restored on the DVD set, which was unseen on Nickelodeon and syndication. It's where DM and Penfold see the Frog's Head Flyer trying to kick down the door of Greenback's hideout—Stiletto issues an S.O.S., and Danger Mouse responds:
      Stiletto: Oh, signor Danger Mouse, thanking Heaven! We are under a-screw!
      DM: "Under—?" Oh, you mean under attack.
    • Plus the full ending, which was not used since it was the first episode of a two-episode screening on Nick:
      Narrator: And with that, we say farewell to our chances of ever being on Radio 3. (Sigh.) By the way, the management point out that you park in front of a Danger Mouse transmission at your own risk. Claims for carpet elbow and mass hysteria cannot be entertained. (Well, why should they? You weren't. Hmph!) And all that leaves me to say is, "Look out for our next Danger Mouse adventure!" And I do mean that.
    • Edited for Nickelodeon: during the show's first run (1984-87), scenes from "Lord of the Bungle" and "The Bad Luck Eye of the Little Yellow God" were cut due to scenes of African jungle natives, and "Bandits, Beans And Ballyhoo!" (first appearance of El Loco) was left out altogether. All were added in during the second run (1991-94).
  • Fake American: In the 2015 series, Lena Headey as Jeopardy Mouse.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Danger Mouse is voiced by David Jason, known for his role as Derek "Del Boy" Trotter. We also have Penfold being voiced by Terry Scott, known for his role as Terry in Terry and June.
    • In the new series, Stephen Fry will voice Colonel K, and Lena Headey (Sercei Lannister in Game of Thrones) will voice Jeopardy Mouse, a female agent who assists DM and Penfold in episode 10.
    • John Oliver (Last Week Tonight host and Daily Show alumnus) is the voice of Dr. Crumhorn in the reboot.
  • Missing Episode: There were two pilot episodes, but only one of them has been found.
  • Name's the Same: Around the time the episode "Don Coyote And Sancho Penfold" was being made Hanna-Barbera developed a series for American TV with a character named Don Coyote. His sidekick was Sancho Panda.
  • The Other Darrin: William Franklyn was Danger Mouse's voice in the pilot "The Mystery Of The Lost Chord".
    • The entire cast is replaced in the 2015 revival.
  • What Could Have Been: Danger Mouse was originally supposed to be brown. He was changed to white to prevent being near identical to Penfold.