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Funny: Code Monkeys
  • The "Code Monkeys" title at the bottom of the screen often has some noteworthy snark moments.
  • The episode "Psychological Problems" is a giant CMOF in and of itself, but Mr. Larrity is especially at the top of his game. Some of his more memorable moments:
    • While discussing insurance liabilities:
    Steve Plozniak: And what's it like getting raped by a white tiger?
    Larrity: Same as gettin' raped by a striped one, ya racist!
    Sidebar: HE'S RIGHT, TRUST ME
    • Larrity introducing their psych evaluator, Dr. Masterson:
    Larrity: Listen up, people. This is lady doctor DO-reen Masterson. She's here so we can show her that we're alright in the head. 'Cause if we don't, we're what they call "uninsurable", and we all gonna "lose our jobs". So please, "give her your respect", and don't "call her a dog-faced fraud" to her face.
    • Larrity's psych evaluation:
    Dr. Masterson: Now let's get back to those word associations. Just respond with the first thing that pops into your mind. Cat.
    Larrity: I know this one, it's Garfield.
    Dr. Masterson: Dolphin.
    Larrity: Intelligent.
    Dr. Masterson: Good. Shoe.
    Larrity: Intelligent again! 3 for 3!
    Dr. Masterson: Marriage.
    Larrity: Murder.
    Dr. Masterson: Swimmming pool.
    Larrity: Water murder.
    Dr. Masterson: Orphanage.
    Larrity: Arson!
    Dr. Masterson: Thank you.
    • His reaction to completing his psych evaluation:
    "Hey, everybody! I got a hundred percent on my test!"
    Sidebar: ???? ???????
  • From "Benny's Birthday".
    Dean: Yo, Dad! When I was little you used to say you shoulda had me adopted.
    Larrity: And now I'm finally glad nobody wanted you, 'cause you're a gosh darn genius!!
    Dean: Did ya hear that! My dad thinks I'm a genus! ["It's genius, you idiot"] A group of organisms that share a common characteristic! What's up!?
  • Dave humping the break room vending machine to get a free chocolate bar, then convincing Jerry to help "tag team the machine [to] see what happens."
    Dave: Ugh, ugh, ugh, take it candy machine! Voilą, my chocolate loin-stick!
  • In IPO, when an evaluator comes to take note of the company's progress:
    Dean: Maybe he's a chick pretending to be a dude!
    Larrity: (sighs) What?
  • In ""Trouble in the Middle East", when agents ask about verification for Dave and Todd.
    Agent: All we can tell you is that they're in Khakistan. And that's they're in grave danger. And the moon landing wasn't real. And the Food Pyramid is a scam.
    Black Steve: I knew it! F***ing legumes [le-gooms], my black ass! Ain't no damn thing as f***ing legumes!
    Snob: Actually, Black Steven, I believe it's pronounced "Ley-gyoomes".
    Black Steve: [takes out a gun and shoots the snob]
    [Alt Text reads "Thank you"]
  • The reactions to how awful the "E.T." video game is (Benny is traumatized, a kid with cancer dies in the hospital, a little kid version of Todd snarks that the game should be called "V.D.," and a boy rants that the game killed his baby sister and caused his parents to divorce).
    • The music video at the end of the episode.
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