Funny / Click

  • Michael looking in a mirror, and having way too much fun with the color change option.
    Michael You look a little pale there, pal. Let me fix that. [changes his skin color to yellow] You're all yellow from the scurvy. Arr, captain. [changes his skin color to green] Grr... Don't get the Hulk angry. Raaaahrrr! [changes his skin color to purple] Oh, there's Barney. "I love you, you love me, that jogger has giant boobies!"
  • At first Michael's reading off Morty's letter is very heartwarming... then Morty had to go and totally ruin the mood.
    Michael: Like I Said, "Good Guys Need A Break". I know you'll do the right thing this time. Love Morty. P.S. Your Wife's Rockin' Body Still Drives Me Crazy.
  • It comes in the middle of one of the movie's saddest scenes, but Michael flipping Bill off as he lays dying in the street. Bill's face is what sells it... which is then followed by Michael motioning that he was just kidding and wordlessly tells him that they're cool.
    • Made even funnier if you know that the "okay" gesture is how people in some European countries flip you off.
  • Michael's reaction when he first witnesses the remote's fast forward feature on his dog. The dog zooms around the yard, does his businesses then goes back in his house to hump his toy duck. When Michael pushes play, the dog collapses in exhaustion. Michael rushes up the stairs screaming this line before it cuts to the next scene.
    Michael: HOLY MOTHER FU---
  • At the beginning of the film, when Ben and Samantha ask if they can watch Dragon Tales, Michael tries to find out which remote control turns on the television. He picks up the remote control to a toy airplane which flies right into him.
  • When the remote skips ahead ten years, Michael discovers the effects of a workaholic lifestyle on his body.
    Michael: Oh my God, I'm a fat guy! (starts playing with his flab) Look at me! What is this? This is titties. I got juicy titties!
    • Which later features in a scene just after he'd had liposuction, and starts playing with the huge amount of excess skin at his waist.
  • When first testing out the menu, Michael decides to check out the "Making Of" section. Cue him witnessing his conception.