Tearjerker / Click

  • Michael listening to Donna explain to their kids that they have to take their brand new bikes back to the store can tug at one's heartstrings.
  • Michael sees himself brush off his father carelessly - on their last meeting, no less. He's so miserable that he starts crying and begs the remote to take him somewhere happy.
    • Exactly how Michael did so deserves mentioning. When his father is trying to get him out of the office for a much-needed break, his trump card is to show him how the Magic Quarter trick works... only for Michael to yell at him that he always knew how the coin trick worked, and to stop bugging him. Henry Winkler's disappointed "You've always known? ...I'm so sorry I barged in. I love you, son." is a true tearjerker, doubled in Michael's reaction at the time (literally nothing, not even acknowledgment of his father), and the reaction of Remote-Michael.
  • It takes him to his son's wedding, an event that is also somewhat Tearjerking when he realises that he's missed most of his son growing up, and that he hardly knows his son's wife, and he's realised that he hardly even knows what to say in his speech.
  • "Okay, Dad." That line is directed at Donna's new husband, not Michael.
  • When Michael wakes up in hospital after a heart-attack, he's so horrified at his son's revelation that he's skipping out on his honeymoon for work, that he chases him down even knowing it's killing him. Then he dies from heart failure in the street, in the rain, and surrounded by his family. It's both heartwarming and incredibly tearjerking. And funny at times, seeing as he flips off his ex-wife's husband before shaking his hand and giving him a thumbs-up.
    • "Will you love me in the morning?" "Forever and ever, babe."