Funny / Cinderella III: A Twist in Time
Bad hair day for Drizella.
  • After Prince Charming learns that a girl who fits the slipper has entered the castle, he heads towards the foyer with a beaming smile, which quickly fades to disappointment when he encounters Anastasia instead of Cinderella.
  • The Prince's Moment of Awesome:
    Prince: Okay. (jumps out the window)
    • Even better, a few minutes later, the Prince begs his father to just trust him. The King replies that he does trust him... it's the talking mice thing he's worried about!
  • The mice trying to tell the prince about Cinderella.
    Prince: Hold on, hold on. I think I understand! ...Actually.. I got nothing.
  • Heck, this was actually pretty funny overall, lampshading some of the absurdities of the original film (like the prince's choice in women because of their footwear).
  • "Am I in the right room?"
  • Drizella using the wand to change her clothings and accessories. Lady Tremaine is not amused and changed them back but left her hair extremely messy.
    Lady Tremaine: Drizella, stop that this instant! This wand is not a toy.
  • When Anastasia shows Lady Tremaine and Drizella the wand and exclaims that their troubles are over, Tremaine dryly comments "a stick" before Drizella suggests they beat Anastasia with it.
  • The scene where Lady Tremaine causes the glass slipper to fit on Anastasia.
    Footman: It fits!
    Grand Duke: It fits?!
    Anastasia: IT FITS!
  • The Prince initial reaction upon meeting Jaq and Gus, once he gets over, well, meeting them.
    Prince: Okayyy. First birds, now mice.
    • This little gem, directly before Jaq and Gus' song of explanation:
      Prince: All right, it's official. I've lost my mind. First I was hijacked by birds, now I'm talking to imaginary mice.
  • "Will you marry me, Cinderelly?"
  • Jaq and Gus pretending to be Lady Tremaine and the Prince while explaining to Cinderella that Lady Tremaine brainwashed the Prince into thinking he danced with Anastasia. Seriously.
    • "One more time! At the ball, at the ball! We showed ol' Princey after all, that Cinderelly was the maiden at the Balll!"
  • Lady Tremaine and Drizella's reactions in The Stinger when they turn back from their frog transformations to find themselves in a house, wearing Cinderella-style clothes and holding brooms.
  • Lucifer getting his tail on fire.