Heartwarming: Cinderella III: A Twist in Time

  • Cinderella and Prince Charming's first meeting (after the Ball). Even with his memories being tampered with, it's just so adorable.
  • After making a complete fool of herself as always, The Prince still acts like a perfect gentleman to Anastasia. Much to her shock, "He was ... nice to me."
  • In the end, when it's revealed to everyone now that Anastasia is an imposter, she is still forgiven, and the king still shows the utmost kindness to her.
  • The King's speech about how he met his wife. If you look at the background, all of the portraits on all the walls are of his wife.
    • To go more into detail, he calls Anastasia for a talk after her Epic Fail at learning to dance. The poor girl is near tears, certain she's going to be yelled at for not being good at princess-y things. Instead of being angry though, the king kindly tells her about how his wife wasn't what one would consider to be a conventional queen, but he loved her very much. "She trod on my feet too, but she took very good care of my heart."
    • The King then gives Anastasia his most prized possession: the seashell he and his wife found together. At the end, Anastasia tries to return it now that the ruse is over, but the King lets her keep it.
    Anastasia: (handing the shell back) I don't deserve this.
    King: (smiling and closing her hands back over it) Everyone deserves true love.
  • The start of the end credits shows the Baker from Dreams Come True giving Anastasia a cupcake while they sit in a garden together. The director said the animators made this drawing especially for viewers who would otherwise fear that the writers forgot about the Baker.
  • After years of complaints towards the Disney version's story, the Prince tells his father (and the audience) that it was never about Cinderella's slipper, but the girl wearing it.
  • Charming going after Cinderella. And, eventually, the King deciding to let him.