Funny: Cats

  • Rum Tum Tugger, the glam rockstar of cats. His crotch has a life of its own, and he somehow handles a set of bagpipes made with a football.
    • In the video version, he plays the bagpipes a second time and once he's finished, he looks around with an eager grin, waiting for applause, but gets none.
  • And in the first song, when all the Jelicales are singing/caterwauling and the boot comes out of no where and they stop. Then they just go right back to it and probably just use the boot later on.
  • At the beginning of Jennyanydots's song in the video, Mr. Mistoffelees stands up and strikes a pose, then tries to gracefully exit in disappointment as he realizes he's not the cat Munkustrap is singing about. Some of the other cats even tease him about it.
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