Funny / Cats

  • Rum Tum Tugger, the glam rockstar of cats. His crotch has a life of its own, and he somehow handles a set of bagpipes made with a football. In the video version, he plays the bagpipes a second time and once he's finished, he looks around with an eager grin, waiting for applause, but gets none.
  • And in the first song, when all the Jellicles are singing/caterwauling and a boot drops onto the stage in front of them.
    Cat Chorus: Handling pieces from the Messiah
    Hallelujah, angelical Choir!
    [Cat Chorus pauses for an offended second and then goes right back to singing]
  • At the beginning of Jennyanydots's song in the video, Mr. Mistoffelees stands up and strikes a pose, then tries to gracefully exit in disappointment as he realizes he's not the cat Munkustrap is singing about. Some of the other cats even tease him about it.
  • In the 1998 stage film: during the re-enactment of the Awefull Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles, Munkustrap is clearly very invested in putting on a good production for Old Deuteronomy, but the other cats clearly just want to have some fun and end up getting over-excited. Munkustrap's expressions becoming increasingly exasperated as they miss their cues or screw up their parts. When the cat-actor playing the Rumpus Cat screws up his entry, Munkustrap has to drag him into position, earning nothing but attitude from the Rumpus Cat actor for the rest of the skit. In response to the Rumpus Cat's over-indulgent costume, Munkustrap dryly remarks to the audience that the legendary being apparently had a lot of hair. He eventually loses his temper completely with the rag-tag production and yells a Big "NO!" to force them to stop fake-barking.
  • When Mistoffelees finally gets his big moment, he almost screws it up. He shows off his ability to produce lightning from his paws, but at one point, points his hand but fails to produce any electricity. He stares at his paws in frustration then lashes out a burst of four electricity attacks that startle several of the cats and leaves Rum Tum Tugger glaring at him. When Rum Tum Tugger starts talking about Mistoffelees conjuring seven kittens from a hat, Mistoffelees tries to shush him but Rum Tum Tugger shoos him off, leaving him looking around desperately for a new trick to do until he settles on a discarded mug. When Mistoffelees picks Cassandra to be his magician's assistant, Rum Tum Tugger pulls an approving "she's a hot choice!'' gesture.
  • In the 1998 video, when Rumpleteazer sneezes during "Skimbleshanks: The Railway Cat," she startles Victoria, whose reaction is hilariously cute.