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Heartwarming: Cats
  • If you watch a theatre production, often the cats will be snuggling with each other onstage when they're not all dancing. Cute!
  • Mistoffelees jumping up and cuddling Old Deuteronomy after he successfully brings him back.
  • Demeter and Munkustrap nuzzling after Macavity's attack.
  • Any time the adult cats shield the kittens from danger.
  • The tribe finally accepted Grizabella.
    • In one production, Old Deuteronomy actually bowed to Grizabella.
  • Rum Tum Tugger, of all people, showing respect to Old Deuteronomy.
    • Also at the end when he gives all credit to Mistoffelees for bringing him back instead of taking all the credit, he even points Old Deuteronomy towards him letting him know who in fact saved him.
  • In the video version, when Deuteronomy arrives onstage and is promptly swarmed by all the other cats, eager to give him affection.
    • Kittens seem to be the ones most often popping around the place in a crawl; adults don't frequently crawl around on their knees. Your interpretations may be different, but what gets me about this particular scene is that all the cats, kittens and adults alike, are so happy to see Deuteronomy that they're all reduced to happy kitten crawls, regardless of age.
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