Heartwarming / Cats

  • If you watch a theatre production, often the cats will be snuggling with each other onstage when they're not all dancing. Cute!
  • Mistoffelees jumping up and cuddling Old Deuteronomy after he successfully brings him back.
  • Demeter and Munkustrap nuzzling after Macavity's attack.
  • Any time the adult cats shield the kittens from danger.
  • The tribe finally accepted Grizabella.
    • In one production, Old Deuteronomy actually bowed to Grizabella.
  • Rum Tum Tugger describes himself as a demanding cat and portrays an image of a selfish, shallow ladies man and jockster. However, he displays genuine affection for Munkustrap when they duet about Old Deuteronomy, and his deep respect for Old Deuteronomy is something he readily displays every single time he interacts with the old cat. He effectively forces Mistoffelees to reveal his powers so that Old Deuteronomy can be rescued, and Mistoffelees is clearly struggling to control his power when he shows it off; every time he displays a lack of confidence about his powers or showing off his conjuring abilities, he turns to Rum Tum Tugger — and every single step of the way, Rum Tum Tugger is there lending Mistoffelees support and bolstering his confidence. When Old Deuteronomy returns, Rum Tum Tugger doesn't hesitate to give Mistoffelees all the credit. If actions speak louder than words, then Rum Tum Tugger is much more caring cat than he likes to boast about being.
  • When everyone is praising Mistoffelees for saving Old Deuteronomy and celebrating the old cat's return, Mistoffelees breaks away from the group to go and find Cassandra, whom he conjured away to return Old Deuteronomy in her place. He brings her back to make sure everyone gives her credit for the part she played in helping him save Old Deuteronomy. As a result, Old Deuteronomy doesn't just bow his respect to Mistoffelees, he bows to Cassandra as well.
  • In the video version, when Deuteronomy arrives onstage and is promptly swarmed by all the other cats, eager to give him affection.
    • Kittens seem to be the ones most often popping around the place in a crawl; adults don't frequently crawl around on their knees. Your interpretations may be different, but what gets me about this particular scene is that all the cats, kittens and adults alike, are so happy to see Deuteronomy that they're all reduced to happy kitten crawls, regardless of age.