Trivia: Cats

  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Look up a list of cast members, and you'll find some for sure. Perhaps the best known is Ken Page as Old Deuteronomy in the Original Broadway Cast.
    • Not to mention The Mayor as Munkustrap, also in the OBC.
    • BRIAN BLESSED opened with the West-End Cast as both Bustopher Jones and Old Deuteronomy.
    • Oolaa plays Exotica in the home video recording.
    • Eva Peron played Grizabella in both the original West End and movie casts.
      • Akiko Kuno (who voiced Ratchet Altair in Sakura Wars 5) played Grizabella in the Japanese version.
    • Christian Clarke plays Rum Tum Rugger in the home video recording.
      • And the same role is played by Bob in the OBC.
    • BIGBANG's Daesung played Rum Tum Tugger in the Korean version back in 2008.
  • The Other Marty: Happened in both the original London and Broadway productions:
    • In London, Judi Dench, the original Grizabella, suffered a hamstring injury, then compounded it by falling off the stage. At that point, Elaine Paige stepped in.
    • In New York, Don Correia was cast as Skimbleshanks. He left almost immediately, so Willie Rosario, who was understudying the role, took over. Rosario was badly injured during rehearsals, so his understudy, Reed Jones, replaced him and opened the show. Things ended well for Rosario: after recovering, he was given the role in the first national tour.