Funny / Cartoon Network

  • One of the interstitials the channel used to run featured the Superfriends version of Aquaman and Wonder Woman being slowly lowered into a death trap inside the headquarters of the Legion of Doom:
    Aquaman: My ability to talk with fish is of no help, Wonder Woman!
    Wonder Woman: [long-suffering eye roll]
    Wonder Woman: You girls are developing into quite the superheroes!
    Bubbles: Someday we'll be as developed as you!
    *cue embarrassed look from Wonder Woman and the Legion of Doom snickering*
    Lex: (after being informed that there is no "D" in Powerpuff) Well, there is a "D" in "Destroy". As in destroy them!
    (nothing happens)
    Lex: (with more feeling) DESTROY THEM!
    (the Legion of Doom attacks)
  • Similarly, the instantly memorable Solomon Grundy want pants, too!
  • Fred encourages kids to speak their mind.
  • The old promo "Yogi's I.D." where because Yogi forgot his I.D. card, nobody recognizes him. This leads to a lot of Comically Missing the Point.
    Yogi: You named your kid after me!
    • In addition, the promo ends with the security guards letting Dick Dastardly carry a bomb through.
  • And from "Edd and Ugh".
    Fred Flintstone: Put a shirt on, Ugh.
    Ugh: Nice tunic. They sell man clothes where you buy that?
  • An old commercial pretty much deconstructs the Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal trope by placing Fred Flintstone, Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw McGraw, and I.M. Weasel in the midst of a live-action convenience store, where hilarity ensues as they attempt to deal with the irritable shopkeeper. Just one highlight is when Fred points out to the shopkeeper how paradoxical the Dress Code is:
    Fred: Where's your bathroom?
    Store Owner: Ergh, can't you read? (motions over to sign) "No shirt, no shoes, no service!" State law.
    Fred: Alright. I'll get some flip-flops!
    Store Owner: I can't sell you flip-flops! "No service!"
    Fred: So, you're saying I can't buy shoes, because I don't have shoes?!
  • "Sheep In The Big Cafeteria". All of it.
    Employee: This is why I don't eat here.
  • Fred Flintstone, Thundarr the Barbarian, and Chicken looking for a parking spot.
    • Even funnier, the Yogi's ID commercial and the Edd & Ugh commercial even act as direct sequels if you spot them in the background finally getting into the building with their lunch in hand.
  • This ad has Hilarious in Hindsight written all over it.
  • The Birthday Party.
  • In the 20th Anniversary music video, there's:
  • In a different 20th Anniversary promo, Ben, Rex, Batman, and The Powerpuff Girls are hanging out and eating cake under a banner that says "Heroes are Awesome"...until Zombozo walks over, at which point everyone stops to glare at him. He sees the banner, realizes where he is, and then yells "Look, someone needs help!" before running off with the cake. The best part? Batman actually looks where he's pointing!
  • Zan and Jana's public-service announcement goes off the rails when Zan starts griping about his superpower: "I could be beaten by a sponge! It wouldn't even have to be an evil sponge!"
  • These three videos.
  • This video where Ed goes on a date with Daphne.
  • In a 2001 commercial, various cartoon stars are calling in sick so they can have time to themselves. As the receptionist gets hoards of calls, we cut to the parking lot, which is completely empty. Because of it, the network runs a 24-hour marathon of The Kwicky Koala Show.
    • Space Ghost and Brak's call deserves a mention.
    Brak: (falsetto) This is Space Ghost's mother, and Space Ghost can't come in today because he's sick. (normal voice) I think she bought it.
  • In "Cartoon Auto Repair", Eustace's pickup truck gets "redrawn" by an auto shop after a car accident, but when he gets into the truck, it flies off! The mechanic and his assistant watch it soar away confused, and then...
    Lady: Joel, Mr. Jetson's on the phone. He wants to know when he can come get his space car.
    Mechanic: (Beat) Tell him we're waiting on a part to come back.
  • During the commercial for the 2014 Hall of Games Awards, Gumball suggests to Benson that they should switch names.
  • This promo for the 20th anniversary.
  • The CN City ads have some good ones:
  • This promo for Yoursday, featuring several characters from the block dressing up as each other.
  • This promo as well, which has Bubbles using her Hard Light powers to turn into a seal to balance a bubbled Steven on her nose. It's also pretty adorable.
  • Another Yoursday promo. Fionna hats for everyone!
  • During the 2000 United States Presidential Election, Cartoon Network ran it's Cartoon Campaign 2000 in which 50 of its characters ran for president of Cartoon Network. Most of them ran ads, but two in particular stand out; both of which are direct shout outs to iconic real life campaign ads.
    • First off is Brak's which is Dwight Eisenhower's famous animated campaign ad with Brak's face superimposed over it.
    • And second is Yogi Bear's which is an attack ad which smears Marvin the Martian by reenacting Lyndon B. Johnson's very infamous Daisy Girl ad.
  • The promo department was really getting into the parodies- their successive Big Game specials took aim at sports broadcasting and the Super Bowl with old cartoons as the base, with each one getting more and more overloaded with satirical stuff. See the Awesome page for all the stops they pulled out.
  • The time Cartoon Network managed to sneak an ad for Cartoon Cartoon Fridays onto Nickelodeon, of all channels.
  • Unfortunately, it's no longer online besides the opening, but The 1st 13th Annual Fancy Anvils Awards Show Special Live in Stereo, was chock full of hilarious moments.
    • The red carpet coverage refers to Og as ''Mike, Lu or Og. I think."
    • The opening musical number is a big Take That! at Awards shows in general, such as friends stabbing each other in the backs, and how the awards are fixed and rehearsed.
    • Thundarr thinking to himself how he regrets wearing a loincloth tuxedo.
    Thundarr: Even that Rolf kid from Ed, Edd N Eddy was laughing at me. That kid wears a sweater to the beach for crying out loud!
    • After Top Cat makes a comment on his age, Eustace then does one-armed push-ups, which is a Shout-Out to when Jack Palance infamously did the same at the Oscars.
    • After the cross-dressing montage:
    Johnny Bravo: Yeah, you and me both buddy! Oh, (checks his watch), live TV, you gotta love it.
    • After the Mayor wins "Best Gratuitous Honey Shot", he says something that causes the whole show to stop.
    The Mayor: I think I'll go butt-naked more often from now on. You know what, I think I'll even go butt-naked right now (Cut to Technical Difficulties card).