Funny / Bubble Guppies

  • This:
    Marching Bandit: Now you sit there while I steeeaaaaal your cows.
    Molly: *watching and doing nothing about it* He's stealing our cows.
    Goby: Awww rattlesnakes!
  • The outside sketch of "The Grumpfish Special!". Highlights include:
    Gil: I'm Super Waiter! Da-da-da-daaa! (fanfare plays) (To Nonny) And you're my sidekick, Busboy!
    Nonny: Da-da-da-daaa. (faltering fanfare plays)
    Gil: Hi, I'm waiter, and I'll be your Gil today.
    • "Pancakes..."
  • Big Warm Friendly Smile. All of it.
  • Nonny sneezing and revealing a dinosaur skeleton.
  • The shop sketch in "The Cowgirl Parade!" For starters, Deema makes flirty eyes at Goby, and then there's the meatball...
  • "You wanted green leaves and I gave you orange, now let's try again and I'll-eh, nothing rhymes with orange."
  • Nonny as the Dragon Master's Assistant.
  • The outside sketch of "We Totally Rock!" gives us this exchange:
    Oona: (banging on drumset) I totally rock! I totally rock! I...totally...
    (cut to Rock Mess Lobster silently holding up his fork)
    (Molly and Oona flee for their lives)
  • The dragon from the outside sketch of "Build Me A Building!" He flies around making a derp face.
  • "The Spring Chicken is Coming!": "Hi, Miss Butterfly." "Hello, bugs."
  • Deema saying emotions out loud in "Who's Gonna Play the Big Bad Wolf?".
    • "A mastodon is like a hairy, stinky elephant." Really, the mastodons in general.
  • The majority of the little segments with Molly and Gil.
  • A lot of Deema's lines could count as this.
  • The pop song from "Tooth on the Looth!". Oona does a windmill on guitar, and Nonny outright refuses to smile.