WMG: Bubble Guppies

Nonny is autistic.
Smiles less than the others? Check. Is Wise Beyond His Years? Check.
  • Some kids are just solemn.

The Little Fish are Mr. Grouper's children.
They're the same color as him, and there has to be a reason they're always following the guppies around - they're watching over them when Mr. Grouper can't.

Deema likes Nonny.
She was the one who coined his nickname "Nonners".

Alternatively, Deema likes everyone.
The eyes she made at Goby in "The Cowgirl Parade!". She called Gil "drummer boy" in one episode. And then there's this line, said to Molly:
"I have my ways, kitten."

Bubble Guppies shares a Verse with Spongebob Squarepants
Wateris Air? Fire underwater? All sorts of improbable underwater physics? There has to be a reason for all that.
  • Don't forget the Sea Rhinoceros (usually seen around Sea Bears) the kids befriend.

Molly and Gil will eventually become the only characters on the show (and maaaybe Bubble Puppy).
It will be called the "Molly and Gil Show". I mean, so far they've been the only 2 characters that have an episode featuring them in Season 2, they're prominently used as the mascots for the show, they go together as Pink Girl, Blue Boy so preschoolers can identify. The lack of other characters' screen time will eventually grow and grow until they're cut out completely and are living on the streets homeless while Molly and Gil laugh maniacally and throw their money around (until Gil is fired, and it's just The Molly Show).

Deema is somehow connected to Pinkie Pie.
Think-the poofy hair, the personality, the eyes...
  • It could be possible that she was intended as an Expy, considering that MLP:FIM debuted either before or around that time as this show. If not that, it could be coincidental.

Nonny's father is a mad scientist.
Where else does he get all those punny lunches?