Funny / Bump in the Night

  • "Hide and Go Freak" is a practical gold mine of funny moments.
    • Mr. Bumpy's Bad "Bad Acting" when he tells Molly that the Cute Dolls have become bald.
    • Squishington attempting to scare Molly out of her state of shock by saying that there are snakes in the kitchen, a hurricane in the closet, and a black hole.
    • Squishington removing his eyeballs and bouncing them around.
    • When mourning the fact that Molly Coddle appears to be stuck in a state of shock forever, Mr. Bumpy says that she can't even make a good hat rack. He then puts a hat on Molly's hand, causing him to say "Okay, maybe she can, but I don't want a hat rack! I want my Molly!"
  • "Night of the Living Bread" is another episode that is funny from start to finish.
    • This exchange:
    Squishington: Call me goofy.
    Bumpy: Okay, you're goofy.
    Squishington: But I keep seeing this large evil slice of bread.
    Bumpy: Wow, you are goofy. (The living bread eats Squishington)
    Squishington: Told you I saw a large evil slice of bread.
    • Bumpy and Squishington exchanging statements of "What if we...", all of their solutions being explained as bizarre gestures accompanied by silly noises.
    • The list of movie title parodies involving "bread" at the end of the episode.