Funny: American Gods

  • "Hey, Huginn or Muninn, or whoever you are. Say 'Nevermore'."
    Raven: Fuck you.
  • Just two words: Tiger balls.
    • A follow up:
    Anansi: Where were you the day God was handin' out brains, boy?
    Shadow: Someone was telling a story about tigers' balls and I had to stop and hear how it ended.
  • Hinzelmann advises Shadow to get a video rental card, to which Shadow declines.
    It would make things awkward between then were Shadow to admit that television had made him uncomfortable ever since it had started to talk to him.
  • Mad Sweeney, while in Cairo, challenging Shadow to guess how he can pick the golden coins out of seemingly thin air. At a certain point he laments how the "Great and famous Mad Sweeney" is left around "a dog, a bird and a moron".
  • Czernobog amiably reminds Shadow, by tapping him in the forehead, that when the war will be over he'll bean him with a hammer. Shadow, in the same tone, responds "Yes, but if you do that again, I'll break that finger".
  • Shadow answers his ringing phone with a simple "Yeah?", prompting Wednesday to reprimand him over his manners. Shadow replies that once he actually gets the phone connected, he'll make sure be more polite.
  • Most of Horus' spacey lines.
  • Neil Gaiman, Patton Oswalt, and Zelda Williams (Robin Williams' daughter) do a dramatic reading of the part with Bilquis in Chapter One
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