Funny: Amelia Bedelia

  • In Thank You, Amelia Bedelia, Mrs. Rogers asks Amelia Bedelia to remove some spotsnote  from her bright pink dress. Amelia Bedelia fails to find any spots on the dress, but notices another one covered in polka dots. She proceeds to grab some scissors, and cut every spot out of it.
  • In Amelia Bedelia and the Surprise Shower, Amelia Bedelia and her Cousin Alcolu help Mrs. Rogers throw a surprise bridal shower for one of her friends.note  When Alcolu asks for Amelia Bedelia's help in pruning the hedges, she grabs a box of prunes, and teaches him how to stick a prune onto a branch of a hedge. He repeats her act until all the hedges have prunes on them.
  • In Good Work, Amelia Bedelia, one of Amelia Bedelia's tasks involves baking a loaf of bread. When the time comes for her to let the dough rise, then punch it down, the dough doesn't rise the way she expects it to. She decides to tie some string to the pan, and raise it above the table. She leaves the dough raised until Mr. and Mrs. Rogers come home. After the former questions the floating pan, Amelia Bedelia punches it repeatedly, until the dough falls out.