Heartwarming / American Gods

  • Shadow riding the carousel at the House on the Rock. It's the first time in the book that he actually gets to be happy, and man, is it a release.
  • Shadow rigging a coin toss so he'll lose, and have to pay for the dinner of a hitchhiker he picked up.
  • Czernobog delivering a light tap to Shadow's head to make good on their bet.
    “Pock! There,” said Czernobog. “Is done.”
  • The wake for Mad Sweeney. And most of the time Shadow spent hanging out with the Egyptian gods in Cairo.
  • Mr. Nancy taking Shadow out for drinks and karaoke and letting him crash at his place.
  • Any time Shadow does a coin trick for a child.
  • Salim and the ifrit giving each other some measure of comfort.