Awesome / American Gods

  • Laura busting Shadow out of the train car he's being held in, effortlessly killing all the guards.
    • Stabbing Loki through her own body.
  • Sam's "I believe" speech.
  • Shadow stepping into the middle of the climactic battle and revealing Odin's whole plot, causing all of them to immediately turn around and go home.
  • Wututu, twelve years old and terrified, being transported on a slave ship to an unknown destination, successfully bluffs a would-be rapist into leaving her alone.
  • From The Monarch of The Glens, Grendel's Mother warns Smith that Shadow is not to be touched. One line in particular, stands out.
    "There’s worse things than dying,” she said. “And I know most of them"
    • Keep in mind that outwardly she appears to be a little old woman. And Smith & Mr. Alice are crooks of very elite order. But Smith knows better than to tempt her anger.