Funny: And Then There Were None

  • Something that is present in almost all adaptations
    Vera: Was it heart failure?
    Dr Armstrong: Well her heart certainly failed to beat.
  • Blore's death in the 1945 film.
    "I get it!"
  • Also in the film, the pileup of men spying on each other, which eventually circles around to an embarrassed Dr. Armstrong realizing three people are standing behind him as he peeps through a keyhole.
  • The game half makes up for its poor graphics by having a pretty good script.
    • This exchange
    Miss Brent: I'd suggest prayer.
    Judge Wargrave: I'm not adverse to prayer Miss Brent. But I would supplement it with a locked door.
    • Upon discovery of Rogers' body
    Blore: He's dead.
    Patrick: Yes. We don't need Dr Armstrong to tell us that.
    • Even Miss Brent gets on the game
    This island has two types of weather: gloomy and slightly less gloomy. I'm taking advantage of this brief 'slight less' respite.
    • Lombard accusing Patrick after the General's murder
    Patrick: Yes. He seemed to know he was going to die.
    Lombard: Could that have been because you were swinging a rock at his head.

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