Fridge / Young Frankenstein

  • Fridge Brilliance: Go watch Son of Frankenstein, the movie that Young Frankenstein draws most of its material from. In that movie, the titular son of Frankenstein has a son of his own; a young boy who bears more than a passing resemblance to Gene Wilder, who plays the grandson of Victor Frankenstein. Coincidence, or perfect casting?
    • If you were to read a script of the Monster's last scene with Elizabeth, all of his dialogue could be very accurately transcribed as "Grunt", and he still manages to come across as intelligent and sophisticated.
  • Another Genius Bonus: In every other version of the story, Frankenstein is repulsed by his creation and rejects it, causing said creation to act out and cause mayhem, becoming a poster child for Creating Life Is Bad along with a Deconstruction of what creating a new life entailed. But in the Affectionate Parody, that trope gets turned on its ear. Frankenstein comes to a Heel Realization and realizes that this "monster" is his child, and a child he has to care for. Because he does what no other version was willing to do and take responsibility, which Reconstructs the whole idea, the film has a happy ending where both Frankenstein and his creation come out benefiting one another.