Fridge: Wario Land

Fridge Brilliance
  • Now, I've always been a fan of Wario Land, but my understanding of the series recently changed when I realized that the whole series is Nintendo's Self-Parody of Super Mario Bros., in the form of a Fractured Fairy Tale. The kind, heroic and friendly Mario is replaced with a greedy, selfish, brute whose appearance is an exaggeration of all of Mario's features (big nose, curly mustashe, ect.) The enemies are more evil, and while Mario journeys across the Mushroom Kingdom to resuce Princess Peach and save the world, Wario only does heroic deeds when he sees an oppurtunity to get rich doing so. Wario does things such as set himself on fire and break through stone with his head to progress, which is quite different than Mario's athleticism and jumping on top of enemies. Brilliant! -Dr Furball
  • I used to dislike Wario's toilet humour. Then I realized it: Mario likes MUshrooms and wario likes WAshrooms.
  • For the pun to work, wouldn't Mario like MAshrooms?
  • The reason Wario is slower than Mario is not only because he is fatter, but because his games should be played slower with more focus on exploration.
  • Why are their Wario toys in the Topaz Passage level in Wario Land 4? Because in the best ending of Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 Captain Syrup's Genie gave Wario a whole Wario planet so obviously most toys on that planet would feature Wario! The planet even has a Greedville which is where the intro starts in Wario Land 4 which is seen in greater detail on the Wario Land 4 website!

Fridge Horror
  • Oh boy, that endless moneybag in Wario Land: Shake It!/The Shake Dimension is going to screw up the economy. Even if those coins aren't accepted as money anywhere, they could still be melted down for gold (or whatever metal they're made of).
  • Most enemies in 3 (possibly all but the final boss) are actually human villagers cursed by Rudy the Clown. Consider how many of them you crushed, burned, drowned, etc. before knowing this.

Fridge Logic
  • In the first chapter of Wario Land 2, why does Wario have to recover coins and treasure from inside his own castle?