Funny / Wario Land

  • In the ending for Shake It!, after being rescued by Wario, Queen Merelda begins to thank him. Wario picks her up in mid-sentence, throws her over his shoulder, and goes for the treasure.
  • Many of the treasures and their descriptions in Shake It! count as well.
    • Some highlights:
    Ghost Potion: One sip and you'll turn into a ghost... Wait, isn't that just poison?
    Pandora's Box: Under no circumstances should you open this. But I'll bet there's neat stuff in there...
    Aurora Robealis: A robe you can only see in the far north. You should probably wear something underneath it.
    Electric Ukulele: No, not amplified by electricity. It actually just shocks anyone who plays it.
    Emerald Melon: A cruel hoax against melon enthusiasts. Don't try to eat it; it will only lead to heartbreak.
    Dung Beetle Pendant: Jeweled pendant of a dung beetle. Why? Seriously, why?
    Empty Piggy Bank: Worthless now, but fill it with coins and BAM! Instant treasure!