Funny / Wario Land

  • The ending to Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. After finally finding the giant gold statue of Princess Peach (Done via destroying the fortress that was built around it), Wario is naturally jumping for joy. Then, right the hell out of nowhere, Mario flies in, piloting a helicopter with a magnet attachment, gives Wario a quick wave, grabs the statue, and flies off, leaving Wario with nothing to ransom. Both rage inducing and hilarious.
  • In the ending for Shake It!, after being rescued by Wario, Queen Merelda begins to thank him. Wario picks her up in mid-sentence, throws her over his shoulder, and goes for the treasure.
  • Many of the treasures and their descriptions in Shake It! count as well.
    • Some highlights:
    Ghost Potion: One sip and you'll turn into a ghost... Wait, isn't that just poison?
    Pandora's Box: Under no circumstances should you open this. But I'll bet there's neat stuff in there...
    Aurora Robealis: A robe you can only see in the far north. You should probably wear something underneath it.
    Electric Ukulele: No, not amplified by electricity. It actually just shocks anyone who plays it.
    Emerald Melon: A cruel hoax against melon enthusiasts. Don't try to eat it; it will only lead to heartbreak.
    Dung Beetle Pendant: Jeweled pendant of a dung beetle. Why? Seriously, why?
    Empty Piggy Bank: Worthless now, but fill it with coins and BAM! Instant treasure!