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Fridge: Secondhand Lions
  • First time through: "Think she'd sell him to us?" Ahahaha. That's a funny joke. Second time through: "Think she'd sell him to us?" Oh my god, she would. She totally would.
  • Watching this film for the umpteenth time, a particular line at the end hit me — Walter's Mom saying "I haven't got a choice" about accompanying her abusive boyfriend back to Las Vegas. Which makes me wonder if she wasn't pregnant with Stan's kid... and if Walter's future sibling will go through the same crap he did, only without a pair of cranky uncles to rescue him/her...
  • Why the stash of money looks like it's in bags that you see in robbery movies? Because there was so much gold to exchange they needed to carry the money back some how.
    • There are few delated scenes that implied Hub and Garth could be retired bank robbers. Even after those hints were removed, the scenes involving the stash remained as they were.

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