Fridge / Prequel

Fridge Brillance
  • Sigrid's conversation with Katia consists of the Oblivion "Persuasion Wheel" options (Joke, Brag, Flatter, Coerce).
  • Dmitri bringing up the Kvatch Mage's Guild seemed really reckless at the time. But given what we know about their guildleader, and what it is implied that he might know, too, perhaps he was actually trying to pull one over Gharug Gro-Upp by suggesting he sell his wares there. He assumed that a non-mage wouldn't know about Sigrid's dark side, and wanted the orc to go to her so that she could rob the highwayman blind! But he must have already been swindled by her once before or something, and saw his scheme!
    • The second part of this is supported by Stephane revealing that one of Sigrid's past good deeds being conning a highwayman out of a precious diamond. If the highwayman in question really was Gro-Upp, it would give him a perfectly valid reason to be wary of Sigrid and Kvatch.
  • When Katia first arrives in Anvil and offers to carve a new sign for Norbert Lelles, she is told after hours of work that she misspelled "merchandise." It sounds like a throwaway joke, but the sign to his shop is actually misspelled in Oblivion!
  • Katia is probably the Champion of Cyrodiil. This means that, in her ultimate effort to just make friends, she ends up with life in the imperial prison. Assuming the comic ends as the game begins, the last frames of the comic might show Valen Dreth vividly describing her death in prison, just before she comes face to face with the exact most terrifying thing she could ever meet.