Nightmare Fuel / Prequel

  • The King and "witchcraft" sequence.
  • Don't be crazy.
  • Prequel: Precede, a recent side story, is pretty much this. It takes place before the events of the comic and focuses on the nightmares Katia had while sailing to Cyrodiil. The first dream Katia has involves her, and everyone else on the ship, being murdered by an ethereal undead. In the second, everyone on the ship disappears except for Katia. Her cabin floods and she has to build a makeshift cannon to escape, or risk getting killed by dreughs. The third has Katia's shipmates betraying and sacrificing her as part of a ritual, if you don't get the good ending. She wasn't kidding when she said that she's had bad dreams about being devoured by wild animals...
  • Sigrid turns out to be absolutely bugnuts insane.
    Sigrid: No, Katia, thatís the thing. Iím not better than them. Iím better at it than them. Deep down, Iím just as awful and conceited as everyone else. The things I want arenít fair to everyone, I cause problems for people I donít care about, and I do it all while fully convinced that Iím right about everything. Is that what you want? An admission of human fallibility? Because Iím no moral paragon. Iím just quite good at getting what I want.