Heartwarming / Prequel

These are moments in the webcomic Prequel that are guaranteed to give people a warm and fuzzy feeling.
  • After screwing up her courier job badly and having a drunken one-night-stand in Quill-Weave's bed (again), Quill-Weave admits that she's disappointed in Katia, but doesn't think she's worthless, holding up the book Katia wrote in while inebriated, pointing out that Katia has aspirations and dreams.
    Book's writing, in a childish scribble: "Katia is the best wizard and has all the magics. Everyone looks up to her & she never has to be a sad whore."
  • Two hours later, when the two have made up, Katia asks Quill-Weave if they could hug- then thinks better of it, getting nervous and trying to back out of it.
    Quill-Weave: Oh my fucking hell. You can't chicken out of a fucking hug. No. We are -doing- this. We are making this happen.
    Narration: It turns out hugs are the best thing ever. You cling for way too long and eventually Quill-Weave just has to awkwardly pry you off.
  • Just the simple fact that (at least) one Imperial soldier takes his job to protect the Gold Road seriously enough that he's willing to get the patrol schedule adjusted to try and catch a robber, and who's willing to let a citizen tag along with him for security even though it isn't strictly necessary. Even if the Countess is less enthusiastic about his job than he is.
  • The entirety of Aggy: Extrapolate. Aggy refuses to leave Katia to her misery, and helpfully provides the most optimistic possible interpretation of her failings.
    • The best part? Katia is showing considerable progress within one evening.
  • The entirety of Katia: Extrapolate as well!
    Aggy: Then use what you do have. Be creative. Be you.
    • Aggy's reaction when Katia insists she can use the piece of table as a shield. Possibly because she's actually starting to have confidence in herself.
      Aggy: Well cripes. I meant more creative than THAT.
      Katia: What, you don't like my shield?
      Aggy: That's not a shield, that's a board. It's not even a very big board.
      Katia: I can make it work. I've got quick reflexes.
      Aggy: [Pauses]
      Aggy: [Smiling while readying frost magic] Then let's see them.
      • Adding to this is the demeanor and general personality of Aggy, which makes him seem like the slightly senile but wise grandfather Katia (probably) never had.