Fridge / 8-Bit Theater

Fridge Brilliance
  • Onion Kid:
    • This strip is merely funny at first. After The Reveal that the Onion Kid is Sarda's past self, it works on extra levels- this is why Onion Kid decides to learn EPIC MAGIC, and suddenly the line "No, that would be stupid." picks up an extra layer...
    • A strip later, Sarda shuts up the Onion Kid on account of "not asking you for your dull little life story." Naturally, it's because he already knows all of it.
  • One of Red Mage's early lines after finding that Corneria's weapon shop is... well... shit. He mentions that they'd be better off fighting enemies with harsh language. Perhaps that was just a line thrown in to be funny, but when you consider how the Light Warriors do most of their fighting... Black Mage does manage to make a pun that's so horrible it actually kills someone.
  • You know that Running Gag, where anytime anybody says 'forever', they are about to be horribly, horribly, wrong? Check this out. That is just how powerful Sarda is - he can overcome the rules of the comic.
  • You may think that White Mage defeating the Final Boss Chaos himself possessing Sarda's Body is anti-climatic, but it actually makes the most thematic sense of any possible conclusion. Afterall, White Mage is the real creator of the entire 8-Bit Theater universe... although accidentally. Naturally, she'll be the best one to take down the inevitable entropy of it also. Ironically, it also makes a humerous tie-over to Dissidia Final Fantasy, since the core theme of that game is Cosmos against Chaos. Or more simply a Female Creator Goddess VS a Male Destroyer God.
    • And it makes sense that a bunch of white mages defeat the Final Boss. Some time early in the comic, White Mage says that white magic reinforces order in the body to heal. It seems like a convenient excuse to why she can't bring Black Belt back, but given that the white mages are said to fling white magic at Chaos until he dies...
  • The Dark Warriors:
  • How did Dragoon come back down from the moon? He found a certain ride home.
  • Fighter and Red Mage are the only ones who get bona fide class changes from Bahamut because they are the only ones who faced their ordeals. Thief ended up teleported away from his, and Black Mage, err, absorbed his.
  • White Mage dooms the Universe at its inception. Check out the three panels at the end.
    White Mage: Nothing good can come of this.
    • Note that a few strips later, Sarda is very insistent on figuring out what White Mage said before he got there.
    • This could possibly also be Fridge Horror, because this makes White Mage responsible for jest about everything bad in the comic.
  • A Blue Mage can permanently copy any magical attack that hits him/her, provided that it survives said attack. What did Black Mage do previously? He killed his own doppleganger and absorbed its evil. So, basically, "he" had is own evil absorbed (by himself) and (the real) he survived, granting him the power to absorb all kinds of evil.
  • After the Light Warriors are depowered, Black Mage attempts to fight a powerful wizard to steal his shop's spells. When asked if he obtained any new spells, BM responds with "In the sense that being stabbed gets you a blade, man, I got spells." The unspoken irony is that, were he not depowered, he would've been able to absorb and USE all those spells. This is the only time in the comic that BM's Blue Mage abilities would have actually worked.
  • How can Thief pull off so many acts of Impossible Theft? He put all of his points in Pick Pocket.

Fridge Horror
  • When Black Mage and Thief switched heads they didn't switch back(they just had Red Mage's illusion spell cover it up) so how much of Black Mage and Thief's actions are their own and not influenced by their new heads?
    • Very few because they switched clothes not heads, BM always has his face obscured because the alternative is insanity.