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  • Garland is usually a ridiculous softie of a villain. Eventually, his band of evil adventurers decide to mutiny against him. At a meeting that Garland himself caters. After the minions eat his special tacos, Garland proceeds to list the reasons why the mutiny will fail, in particular that the tacos were stuffed with Amnesia Peppers. Not bad for a guy who was once bullied by the princess he had kidnapped.

  • Bikke has been consistently portrayed as the dumbest of the Dark Warriors. But he and the other Dark Warriors manage to capture the Elemental Orbs, which would allow them to take over the world. However, Sarda confronts them, and asks them if they even know how to use them. After a beat panel, Bikke throws his into nigh-omnipotent Sarda's face. Considering Sarda has stopped arrows firing from bows at point blank range mid flight, we may have stumbled into Sarda's weakness. Or just Rule of Funny. Either way.
    • Sarda even thinks it's Actually Pretty Funny.
    • Though because Sarda is also spiteful, nigh-omnipotent, and incredibly creative in the ways he screws people, telling Bikke "You get to live" might not work out as well as you'd like to think.


  • This is "Episode #1129: THERE" (published in mid-May 2009), and this is "Episode #434: Wouldn't You Like to Know?" (published in late June of 2004). The fact that he planned out a strip five years in advance is either insane or awesome...probably a little of both.
    • The fact that he planned out the Onion Kid's rise as Sarda, which is caused by the entirety of the subsequent comic over nearly a decade's time. Holy shit. Brian Clevinger, you Magnificent Bastard.
  • Remember Thief's line about stealing his class change from the future? Well, three years and 500 strips later, we find out precisely where he stole it from. Yet another Crowning Moment for Brian Clevinger.
    • And remember: Thief has no one to blame but himself.
  • March 20, 2001: It'll never work. Cut to February 20, 2010 (nine years and 1214 strips later): Okay, maybe it will.
    • The latter strip also doubles as White Mage's ultimate Crowning Moment of Awesome.
    • Actually, the early dates are inaccurate because the comics were not organized by date prior to November 2003; 8BT really started in January 2001. All this does is make the longest Brick Joke ever more impressive by a scant few months.