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Fridge: Dead Island

Fridge Brilliance:

  • Logan's facility with throwing weapons comes from being a quarterback in American football, which is a position that emphasizes hand-eye coordination and fast reactions over endurance and stamina. It explains why he can't take a hit as well as you'd think, too.
  • Xian's specialization with edged weaponry doesn't seem to make a lot of sense given her background, but it does emphasize her martial-arts training from her father. There's a martial art practiced throughout Asia, silat, that specifically emphasizes training with knives, sickles, and machetes, which are the three most common types of bladed weapons found in the game.
  • Wonder why the Butchers have the bones of their arms exposed? It's because they cannibalized their own hands and forearms while in the process of turning into a zombie because of the Kuru virus.
  • Purna's fury mode has her unleash a S&W .38 revolver. However, Australian police use something like a Glock or M&P automatic...police today use such weapons. Even up to the time Purna left the force, Australian police still used out of date guns.
  • Things like fury mode and snapping at the other survivors might seem reasonable given being infected and the stress of the situation. But what have you been consuming gallons of? Energy drinks. After a lethal amount of it the survivors would be going berko and off the rails even without the kuru outbreak.

Fridge Horror:

  • At the end Riptide, the survivors that you work so hard to protect and assist on the island were last seen getting overrun by the zombies. The game also implies that the survivors back on Banoi were nuked to contain the infection. Now if Banoi wasn't nuked and we saw what happened to the survivors in Palanai, how do you think the survivors in Banoi are doing now?
    • Not quite sure but I think those coming to the aid of Banoi (Ryder White, maybe the BIDF\ADF\relief workers) were called off. Also not entirely certain but the ending seemed to suggest Banoi and Palanai were making headway to clean up, as well as keep the infection a secret.
  • When you accept the "Family Ties" sidequest from Marvin, he mentions he was never a good husband or father. If you work at it, you can find his ex-wife for him, but nobody ever even mentions their kids...

Fridge Logic:

  • From the title. How does one hang themselves from the leaf of a Palm Tree? Clearly someone on the team noticed this, as box art replaced the hanging body with a zombie just standing under the tree.
    • Actually the box art was changed in some countries due to censorship.
  • There's also loads in the actual circumstances of some of the quests. Why do you need to bring a recording to a radio tower when there's already someone there with a walkie-talkie who could easily take down and then record and play the message himself? Or being forced to fight through several Thugs to get someone morphine... when you've got a dozen bottles of prescription painkillers weighing down your pockets.
    • "No, I can't use a shovel to dig graves! I need a spade!"
  • Who is the money going to when you buy/build/repair anything? For that matter, why do Energy Drinks display a monetary value if you can't sell them, because you can't pick them up without using them?
  • Certain continuous quests become this, especially late in the game. While it's understandable for Svetlana to continue wanting Champagne to prolong her buzz, it gets kind of hard to believe after you've given someone enough food to feed a battalion and enough water to fill an Olympic swimming pool, only to have them complain about still being hungry and dehydrated, respectively.
  • Why are the half naked zombie tribal people carrying money and just where the hell are they keeping it, duct taped to the inside of their clothes? Their village is located deep in the jungle and isn't even close to a store!
    • You could ask the same thing about the female zombies in the resort, many of whom are wearing nothing besides a string bikini. They're basically this game's equivalent to the Money Spider.
  • Why do Purna and Xian's outfits have large tears in them before the huge outbreak occurred, as shown in the opening video?
    • Xian's can be handwaved as damage done over the course of helping the woman who's passed out in the restroom, but Purna's is just an issue where they didn't bother tweaking her model.
  • Ignoring Fanservice reasons, is there an in-universe explanation why Xian never thinks "maybe I should try and scavenge some reasonably practical footwear"?
    • Off screen maybe she did try and came across the same problem as McClane (shoes were either too big or small.) When playing as her? Wouldn't that Thug about to cave her head in be more of a concern?
  • So I keep on rewatching the trailer and I keep remembering the hotel room the family in the trailer was in was RIGHT next door to the hotel that the main characters find themselves in at the start of the game. So why didn't the zombies in the trailer just go next door and eat the four Heroes when they had the chance? Yes, it would've ruined the plot but they were knocked out and defenseless.
    • Quite likely because they were dead to the world, and the infected either didn't know they were even there or went after those they found. That little girl in the trailer was running for her life and playing it seems like those who are infected ignore you if you keep your distance, I also don't recall them going after prone bodies. Instead of wanting brains it seems the infection makes them feral, this is supported by the implication the infected are self aware. They wouldn't bother with someone who is sleeping.
  • This might be just a case of jumping on the bandwagon of underdeveloped countries kickstarting a modern economy or something, but let's look at Banoi. Ryder White describes it as worse than East Timor, Afghanistan and Iraq. The gang problem is so bad a military self defense force is set up and even criminals warn to stay away from the police station and prison. The tribes still practice cannibalism and the kuru disease is hinted at being responsible for the infection. Okay, why then would it be a good idea to build a luxury resort there? The islands are like Indonesia's abusive sister.
  • It might be commentary on the conspiracy or maybe the army but why didn't Ryder White question being asked about whether he'd kill a superior officer, civilians, his wife?
  • A little one for the developers. They said they wanted to make it a fun, silly game which it is. Okay, why the trailers? They're certainly good and draw attention to it but it's kind of like buying Nosferatu and inside the case is Buffy the Vampire Slayer instead.
  • So what, exactly, is keeping the survivors from simply saying they will bring Jin with them on their adventure and then leaving her with the lifeguard station or the lighthouse?

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