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Trivia: Dead Island
  • Banned in China: In certain countries, the logo has been changed with the "I" being a standing zombie instead of a hanging body. The promo for Riptide was shown on Australian TV and its portrayal of suicide had it pulled, and may have contributed to the game receiving an R rating (the first snuck in at MA.) The resin statue of a mutilated woman with the special edition was also cut for Australia.
    • It's also banned in Germany.
  • Doing It for the Art: Given the many intricacies of the game, it's pretty obvious that the game was a labor of love as much as anything else. Dead Island was in development as early as 2007, but had a hard time finding a publisher until Deep Silver picked it up.
  • Dueling Games: With Left 4 Dead, another 4-player co-op focused first-person zombie shooter. The main difference is that Left 4 Dead is more fast-paced and arcade-like, focusing on large hordes of fast but weak zombies that deal minor damage individually but can be dangerous in large numbers. Dead Island, in contrast, emphasizes melee combat and a Wide Open Sandbox, is slower paced and has RPG elements, and focuses on smaller groups of tougher, more dangerous zombies that can kill you in just a few hits.
  • Fan Nickname: Left 4 Dead Rising.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Phil LaMarr is Sam B, David Kaye is Logan Carter, and Kim Mai Guest is Xian Mei.
    • Steve Blum shows off a hilarious New Zealand accent as Sinamoi the lifeguard and voices Nikolai for at least a few lines.
    • Cam Clarke is Roger Howard, the reporter whose audio recordings you find throughout the island. He reappears in Riptide to voice some of the more unhinged survivors.
    • Dave Wittenberg is Bobby.
    • Sumalee Montano is Yerema.
  • Jossed: Escape Dead Island suggests several plot elements from the previous games lead nowhere, from the idea the survivors are resistant rather than immune to there being no cure.
  • Name's the Same: Moresby is a real town in Papua New Guinea where the game is obstinately based. It's less developed than portrayed, not having running water, medical supplies, a school, and corruption is worse than the crime.
  • Vaporware: Until the "little girl trailer" came out, it was assumed to be this. The first trailer was released in 2007, promising a 2008 release date... and not a peep from the developers for four years after that.

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