Fridge / Bittersweet Candy Bowl

  • Fridge Brilliance: On the part of the artist. Sandy has a blue bow she always wears. When she left, Mike was still attached and got a blue scarf. He also got close to Lucy, a girl with the same color eyes. Later on, he suddenly changes his scarf. That was a hint at his not needing the scarf or Lucy anymore and was focused on Sandy again. That blue and where he wants it (stuffed in his locker) shows Character Development without dialogue. note 
    • It's not just that either — Mike's new scarf doesn't seem to be striped for just no reason. It really seems to stand for being caught in between conflicting situations, one being his love for Sandy and his past love for Lucy. Also, Mike's new scarf has two sides hanging down instead of one, possibly showing that he takes priority in one more person, rather than just Lucy as it had previously been.
  • Fridge Logic: Lucy is shown trying (on multiple occasions) to keep Yashy from finding out about Sandy. However, in an earlier chapter, Yashy is clearly aware of Sandy's existence. This may or may not be Ret Conned in the book.
    • Yashy doesn't appear to know anything about Sandy in reality.